★★★★★ Prepare To Get Stoked

Prepare To Get Stoked, October 18, 2010
By Richard A. Bottles, Jr. (Fairmont, WV USA)

This review is from: Darkened Hills (Paperback)
Review copied from amazon.com

This novel really sucks! But for a vampire novel that’s a good thing. Author Gary Lee Vincent, who has written about real estate investing in his Agelations book, centers this horror novel on an evil old house overlooking a small town in West Virginia. The hero (or perhaps antihero is a better description) of the story is unnaturally drawn to the house, which is up for Sheriff’s sale, but the fanged protagonist who owns the house suddenly foregoes its libertarian disposition and pays off the tax lien. The battle spills out into the town and soon the sleepy little village erupts into a pernicious Peyton Place. In a town where everyone knows everyone else, including everyone else’s business, the whole matter ends up in reprobate when a force even more evil than the house and its owner arrives in the village. Beware reader: This is not your teenager’s PG-13 romanticized vampire novel. This horrific novel stirs up the flames of hell like a real stoker.

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