★★★★★ A blood-curdling, gruesome and intriguing read

A blood-curdling, gruesome and intriguing read, 15 Nov 2010
By Sian Phillips “siano44”

This review is from: Darkened Hills (Paperback)
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If you like blood thirsty vampire stories then this book is for you. Mixed with sex, intrigue and gore it’s a great read that gets you gripped from the beginning. You WANT to know the story that Jonathan has to tell about his small hometown of Melas, just south of Pittsburgh. You then HAVE to know the ending which has a few twists along the way with lots of bloodfest and vivid deaths.

The story starts with Jonathan and his young friend William who seem nomads however they have both come from the same town and have a strange story to tell. Jonathan grew up in Melas and returned for the first time in 20 years. William is incarcerated in a children’s home there. There are some pretty strange characters now living in Melas who have no idea what is about to happen to them. Horrific events take place centred around the old mansion on the hill, Madison House and its mysterious occupants. Whilst Jonathan is having a whirlwind sex romp with an ex’s younger sister, death descends on the town like a huge wave wiping out most of the occupants.

Jonathan and William escape before it’s too late for them too but they keep in touch with news of their home town through the media. Melas becomes a ghost town, almost literally, and remaining townsfolk are still disappearing. So Jonathan and William go back to try and thwart the evil still there.

Are they able to stop the demonic forces in play………or not?

It’s a great read for those into bloodfest, sexy, horror stories.

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