★★★★★ Darkened Hills

★★★★★ Darkened Hills, November 19, 2010
By Brenda Casto (US)

This review is from: Darkened Hills (Paperback)
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Since I am from WV I always enjoy reading books written by WV authors. Gary Lee Vincent is a new to me author that in writing Darkened Hills has written one of my favorite genres vampire/horror fiction. The setting is in the great state of WV, in a tiny town called Melas, a fictionalized town that sits about two hours outside of Pittsburgh Pa, the town was once a thriving community but due to the dark forces that enveloped the community it became a ghost town, many of the residents started moving away when people started disappearing, but there are forty-three residents that are unaccounted for, including the town’s doctor and his wife. What could have happened to the residents, and how can that many people disappear without a trace?

Johnathan Harker has come back to his hometown in the hopes of purchasing the Madison House for back taxes, but that doesn’t happen. Even though the house appears abandoned, in truth, the person living there is the worst kind of evil there is. The vampire that lives in Madison House, had been leading a very low profile life for years, hiring a couple of townspeople to bring him people to feed on, people that wouldn’t be missed and then their bodies would be disposed of. As if that’s not bad enough, one night something far worse is unleashed, something that has an unquenchable thirst for blood! Can anyone put a stop to the evil that has the tiny town in its clutches, and will anyone survive?

This story grabs you and sucks you in and doesn’t turn you loose. The whole town of Melas is full of weird, characters, from the guy who likes to “herd cats” to the alcoholic real estate agent who makes a deal with the devil, or the guy who donates “hamburger meat” to the church, and it really isn’t hamburger meat at all! A story that never gets dull, just when you think nothing worse can happen, guess what it does. With the way the story ended it leaves its readers wanting more, and we can only hope for a sequel that gives us the story of Ralphie!

This book is a must read for anyone that loves horror, blood,dark humor, gore, and vampires from your worst nightmare! Be warned once you start reading this book, you wont be able to put it down, its just that good!

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