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Watch the new trailer for Darkened IV – Darkened Souls!

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Coming Spring 2014… Darkened Souls

Young ex-priest and vampire-killer William is drawn back to the West Virginian town that almost killed him, where his vampire arch-enemy Victor Rothenstein still stalks the earth.

The town of Melas lies destroyed after the battle of the End of Days. But why is wealthy Jackie Nixon so eager to rebuild it using the bone dust of murdered souls?

Terrible evil has visited before, but the Gateway to Hell is about to be reopened in a horrific climax. And this time – it’s personal.

Coming Spring 2014…

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Introducing DARKENED SOULS, the next installment in DARKENED – THE WV VAMPIRE SERIES by Gary Lee Vincent

A stolen soul house…the mother of Darkness… and the return of Victor Rothenstein.


Burning Bulb Publishing is pleased to announce that work is underway in Book IV of the critically acclaimed, award winning DARKENED series. 

In this, we will learn that true evil never dies and more powerful foes emerge as the godforsaken town of Melas and the infamous Madison House are rebuilt.

Prepare for the darkest installment yet.

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