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Darkened Destinies – The Sixth and Final Installment of Darkened Hills is now available!

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Darkened Destinies by Gary Lee Vincent

All scores must now be settled!

With over forty people missing after Jackie Nixon’s party, the mysteries surrounding Melas and the Madison House keep getting darker.

Now, with legions of vampires at her command, can anything or anyone stop her from gaining complete control over all mankind?

The final battle has begun! As the Vampire Queen ascends her throne and sets to unleash the full forces of darkness, the fate of all things good hangs in the balance.

Darkened Destinies – Book VI of Darkened: The West Virginia Vampire Series by Gary Lee Vincent – available now at

Rich Bottles Jr.’s review of DARKENED SOULS by GARY LEE VINCENT

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☆☆☆☆☆ Soul Survivor, March 27, 2014

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This review is from: Darkened Souls (Darkened – The West Virginia Vampire Series) (Volume 4) (Paperback) and appeared originally on at the following link:

Darkened Souls by Gary Lee VincentJust when you thought it was safe to go back to Melas, West Virginia, horror author Gary Lee Vincent adds a fourth book to his earlier Darkened vampire series. This time the tale is entitled “Darkened Souls” and it may have die-hard Darkened series fans demanding a second trilogy!

After our vampire-killing hero William McConnellson is laughed out of the Canadian priesthood following his testimonials of dueling with demons and miraculously being resurrected by Christ Himself, it doesn’t take much coaxing for William to accept an invitation to return to West By God Virginia and renew his relationship with his fellow evil-conquering acquaintances.

But the supernatural aura surrounding Melas means that not just the “good” can be resurrected on its unhallowed grounds, but evil can also be restored and rear its ugly head. Consequently, William learns that if he is to defeat the demons that have murdered his friends and family (not to mention haunt his every waking and sleeping hour), he must learn the difference between friend and foe – a line that is frighteningly vague in the unworldly universe encompassing Melas.

The author creates his intricately weaved web of mistruths and misconceptions in such a way that the readers become possessed with the hero’s quest and soon find themselves wanting to warn William that he is just an unknowing pawn in an evil game being played by back-stabbers and double-dealers, proving once and for all that there is indeed no honor amongst thieves. There are also no rules in games where cheaters rule, but will William realize this before it’s too late? His faith, his love, his trust and his resolve will be tested to their human limits before this inhuman end game concludes.

It’s not possible to describe too much of the terrifying plot, because it contains so many twists and turns that any amount of revelation may trigger a spoiler and ruin some of the fun for the reader, thus (like William) the reader shall have to place their trust in someone like me to encourage him/her to experience this surprise-laden thriller via my personal recommendation.

Thus, like the harrowing lyrics of one of Johnny Cash’s famous songs, join William on his vengeful crusade and sing along with him as he warns: “Go tell that long tongue liar; Go and tell that midnight rider; Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter; Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down.”

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